Regional Forum on Education Policy 2023: Digital technologies to transform the education in Latin America and the Caribbean

Digital technologies have profoundly transformed society and culture, posing new challenges and opportunities for human development. In this context, education plays a fundamental role because it guarantees access to information, knowledge production, and citizen participation, thus contributing to inclusive social development. Therefore, with the aim of reflecting on how digital technologies can contribute to the transformation of education systems in Latin America and the Caribbean, the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), in collaboration with UNESCO SantiagoIBE-UNESCO, the UNESCO GEM Report, and the Future of Learning and Innovation Team at UNESCO’s Education Sector will hold the 7th edition of the Regional Forum on Education Policy. The event will be held virtually from 3 to 5 October.

In line with the conclusions of the Transforming Education Summit held in New York (USA) in September 2022, the Regional Forum on Education Policy offers a space for dialogue, consultation, and reflection for education policy-makers and experts in the countries of the region.

The event will consist of three panels. The first will explore the status of digital technologies in the region’s education systems. The second panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges arising from the use of digital technologies as tools for educational inclusion and to improve teaching and learning processes. The third one will address technology’s potential to optimize the planning and management of education systems. These three sessions will be led by subject-matter experts and will include representatives of international organizations and ministries of education from Latin America and the Caribbean.

After the panels, there will be a series of workshops for participants who represent the Member States of the region and invited organizations. They will work in small discussion groups where they will build on the topics introduced in the panels to reflect collectively on how the countries in the region can respond, in a practical way, to the challenges posed by the use of digital technologies in their education systems from the perspective of education policy-making and implementation.

The event will have audio channels with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The opening session and the panels will be open to the general public through a live webcast at

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