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According to interviews with students and recent surveys, a significant portion of Columbia’s student population is encountering difficulties in completing their studies due to escalating costs and inadequate financial support.


Officially closing on January 25, 2024 at an undisclosed deal amount, the acquisition is said to create “a robust end-to-end suite of products and services” in workforce skills testing and development. ETS and PSI say they jointly deliver nearly 50 million tests annually across more than 200 countries around the world to serve governments, institutions, and industry.

Rowan, known for his substantial financial contributions to UPenn and his supposed influence on the university’s governance, recently played a pivotal role in the removal of former UPenn President Liz Magill and board chair Scott Bok.

The initiative, part of the wider Belt and Road Initiative, began in 2023 at Jiuquan Vocational and Technical College. It aims to train 18 Filipino students in new energy engineering, preparing them to drive the Philippines’ energy transition. Despite challenges like language barriers and funding constraints, the program offers practical training in renewable energy and cultural immersion.

The Davos 2024 forum, part of the World Economic Forum, emphasized the critical need for workforce reskilling and upskilling in response to technological advancements and shifting job landscapes. The Future of Jobs Report 2023 predicts significant job transformations, with 69 million new roles emerging and 83 million being phased out, especially in digital, green, and energy sectors.

Istanbul welcomes over 100 Palestinian students from Gaza

The gathering, organized by TOGEMDER, was attended by prominent Turkish figures, highlighting the students’ plight and discussing educational opportunities in Turkey. President Erdoğan’s decree waived tuition for Palestinian students affected by the conflict, reflecting Turkey’s commitment to supporting education and humanitarian aid amidst the region’s turmoil.

Ireland allocates €2.7M to strengthen educational ties with Europe

The funds are allocated to Irish universities to deepen their involvement in the European University Alliance partnerships. This initiative, part of the European Union’s plan to create a unified European Education Area, focuses on both physical and virtual mobility, allowing students and staff to access educational and research opportunities across the EU.

PwC analysis highlights financial challenges facing UK Universities

Universities are grappling with a reduction in grant funding and rising costs, prompting them to increasingly rely on income from international students to subsidize their teaching and research activities. Despite an average 12% annual increase in international fee income since 2017–18, financial pressures persist.

Deakin University launches India campus

Deakin’s GIFT City Campus in India is expected to offer local students access to world-class postgraduate courses in business analytics and cybersecurity at half the cost of Australian international fees.

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