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With a focus on intersectionality, she highlights the need to address systemic barriers and promote inclusion at all educational levels. Dr. Thomas emphasizes the importance of universal learning design and policies that support vulnerable groups, including those from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and remote areas.

In a recent interview with MSM Reporter, Fraser Cargill, Director of Global Partnerships and Recognition at PeopleCert, shared his insights on the challenges and opportunities facing international education. Cargill spoke about the company’s early adoption of online testing, the increasing integration of work-based qualifications into higher education, and PeopleCert’s initiatives to achieve equity for international students.

Kyle Rausch, the executive director of Study Abroad at the University of Illinois in Chicago, shares his perspective on the seismic shifts and challenges faced by the education abroad sector in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Following the ‘No’ vote in Australia’s Indigenous Voice referendum, this interview with Professor Kevin Bell, a former Justice and advocate for human rights and Indigenous rights, delves into the intersection of education, public opinion, and Indigenous issues. Bell discusses the insufficient public understanding of Indigenous issues, the influence of educational institutions on referendum views, and the representation of Indigenous history in school curricula.