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One in four students said they are less likely to apply to institutions using AI for application assessment.

Demographic shifts and increased demand for healthcare services have exacerbated the nursing shortage crisis. InSpring, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, acts as a global platform for talent mobility, connecting international students with high-demand career opportunities in the US.

The 2023 International Exhibition of Educational Technology and Innovation, an annual event showcasing leading brands in technology and digital content for education, placed a primary emphasis on the importance of AI in education.

Legalized, Bangladesh’s first legal education app, founded by Barrister Tasnuva Shelley, introduces digital learning for legal professionals. It provides courses, BAR Council and High Court exam materials, and aims to enhance legal skills and awareness. Concurrently, Indian investor Ranjan Pai has made a significant investment in Aakash Educational Services, reshaping the edtech landscape.

Christina Tan, CEO for fund management and CIO at Keppel, highlighted the persistent demand for top-notch schools and campuses in the Asia Pacific region. She added that this demand is fueled by factors like rapid urbanization, a growing middle class, increased affluence, and a strong emphasis on high-quality education.

The acquisition, an all-cash deal, will value Tribal’s entire issued and to be issued ordinary share capital at approximately £159 million on a fully diluted basis, with an enterprise value reaching £172 million.

CivicLab identifies key trends shaping rural higher education in the US

Indiana-based nonprofit CivicLab has unveiled three major trends impacting higher education in rural America: the role of unlikely local champions in community development, the need to focus on existing assets instead of deficits, and the importance of allowing rural communities to define themselves. These insights, drawn from a two-year project funded by Ascendium Education Group, offer valuable guidance for educational leaders and policymakers.

Gamechanger in education access: GradRight secures Rs 50 Crore in Series A Funding, aims to simplify college selection and financing

At the core of GradRight’s mission is the utilization of artificial intelligence, a cutting-edge technology that aims to transform the college selection process and simplify the acquisition of education loans. By harnessing data science, GradRight provides personalized recommendations for courses and universities, helping students find the educational paths that suit them best.

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