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Experts are exploring gendered trends in STEM programs and shedding light on systemic barriers that prevent women’s full and equal participation in African higher education institutions.

Key findings show that these groups incur more student loan debt, take longer to complete their degrees, and are more likely to attend for-profit institutions with fewer resources. This financial and institutional burden leads to a preference for industry jobs over academic roles, affecting the diversity of the academic workforce and the broader STEM field.

Global statistics highlight a concerning trend: 1 in 4 girls aged 15–19 falls into the Neither in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET) category. In India, this figure escalates to 1 in 2 (PLFS 2020). Barriers hindering the engagement of girls in STEM education and careers manifest across personal, institutional/structural, and social levels.

Despite the imprisonment of Zholia, Neda, and Manizha, women protesters throughout Afghanistan remain steadfast in their resistance against the Taliban. They have shifted to conducting indoor protests, where they appeal to the international community to hold the Taliban accountable and call for justice.

The study showed that graduates still dominate the creative workforce, with glaring inequalities in gender, ethnicity, and social class throughout the application process and employment outcomes for creative higher education courses.

Administrator Samantha Power announced a new USAID initiative with an initial funding of $4.5 million aimed at improving education quality in Uzbekistan. The program seeks to make schools more inclusive, particularly benefiting students with disabilities, and builds on previous U.S. investments exceeding $40 million in the country’s educational sector.

Initiatives have spanned healthcare, education, and economic development, with a focus on empowering women in rural areas and leadership roles. Both nations are also aligning gender equality goals with broader agendas such as climate change and digitalization.

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