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The data revealed that India has reported the highest number of such cases among international applicants.

Nigeria is embarking on a major educational transformation by forming strategic partnerships with the United Kingdom and the European Union. These collaborations aim to enhance access to quality higher education, address the increasing demand among Nigerian youth, and align with global educational standards.

The Nigerian government has taken steps to enhance access to and the quality of higher education. This includes opening up opportunities for foreign institutions to participate in delivering and expanding university education within the country.

Co-organized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, the British Embassy in Hanoi, and the British Council, the forum united over 200 higher education leaders from both countries, aiming to promote knowledge exchange and showcase collaborative case studies for the future.

With changing dynamics in TNE between the UK and China, a new model for developing joint programs and institutes must consider creative ways to incentivize reciprocal shorter-term mobility.

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