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The study, involving over 6,000 educators, revealed a significant inclination toward the use of AI in educational settings.

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Microsoft’s innovative AI tools and programs are reshaping education, empowering teachers, and personalizing learning for students worldwide. From collaborative task management to AI-driven literacy coaching, explore the future of education in the digital age.

Baims acquires Orcas, bolsters MENA EdTech leadership

This merger combines Baims’ specialized online courses with Orcas’ personalized tutoring, creating a robust educational platform. Supported by key investors and focusing on market expansion, particularly in Saudi Arabia, the new entity aims to revolutionize education in the MENA region, addressing both learning and employment challenges.

The online tutoring market is witnessing rapid growth, projected to reach USD 27.63 billion by 2034, driven by the flexibility and personalization of digital education. Key growth factors include the use of AI, adaptive learning platforms, and interactive tools enhancing the learning experience.

Surveying 1,348 teachers globally, it found diverse usage of AI tools like language apps and chatbots, with mixed opinions on their impact. The report underscores AI’s potential in ELT but cautions against its uncritical adoption, advocating for a balance with traditional methods and emphasizing the need for teacher training and ethically designed AI solutions.

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