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With some 400 million internet users in Southeast Asia, the region is set to initiate technology reforms.

Some respondents are already integrating AI tools to streamline administrative tasks, develop subject-specific resources, and deliver personalized support for learners with special educational needs and disabilities, the report showed.

According to Michael Gaebel, director at the EUA, a key improvement to the Erasmus+ program would involve an overhaul of its IT system. He noted that the current system has led to duplicated efforts, confusion, and delays, as reported by a majority of participating institutions.

The survey conducted by EdTech firm Chegg showed that only 20 percent of American students have started using generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT or OpenAI, in their academic activities. 

The 2023 International Exhibition of Educational Technology and Innovation, an annual event showcasing leading brands in technology and digital content for education, placed a primary emphasis on the importance of AI in education.

Inspired by Harvard’s AI assistant, Professor Viswanath and his teaching assistant, Tianle Cai created Blockie, a similar program for their engineering classes. The advanced course focuses on teaching foundational design and algorithmic principles of blockchains, a technology database enabling secure information sharing such as data and financial transactions.

Legalized, Bangladesh’s first legal education app, founded by Barrister Tasnuva Shelley, introduces digital learning for legal professionals. It provides courses, BAR Council and High Court exam materials, and aims to enhance legal skills and awareness. Concurrently, Indian investor Ranjan Pai has made a significant investment in Aakash Educational Services, reshaping the edtech landscape.

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