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The Jewish groups demand that the University of California system enforce its anti-discrimination policies and protect Jewish students, faculty, and speakers.

Following the ‘No’ vote in Australia’s Indigenous Voice referendum, this interview with Professor Kevin Bell, a former Justice and advocate for human rights and Indigenous rights, delves into the intersection of education, public opinion, and Indigenous issues. Bell discusses the insufficient public understanding of Indigenous issues, the influence of educational institutions on referendum views, and the representation of Indigenous history in school curricula.

Universities across the US are hosting unique Thanksgiving celebrations for international students. At institutions like Ozarks Technical Community College, Loyola Marymount University, the University of Florida, the University of Delaware, and Northern Illinois University, educators and students are coming together to observe this quintessential American holiday.

The IHEC’s report shows the importance of Internationalization at Home, a concept designed to cultivate an international and intercultural academic environment domestically, as an essential component of the UK’s future higher education strategies.

US. universities are actively participating in International Education Week, with Boston University hosting over 30 cultural events, the University of New Mexico engaging students with a mini soccer world cup, and UC Merced holding a film festival and workshops. Nationwide activities, such as the “Raise the Bar” event in D.C., emphasize the value of multilingualism in careers.

With around 300 international students currently studying at UNK, including those in English Language Institute programs, pursuing degrees, or participating in exchange programs, the role of UNK Global in their lives is paramount.

In the wake of the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, US colleges are struggling to maintain an atmosphere of open dialogue and academic freedom. With death tolls rising on both sides of the conflict, the issue has fueled a divisive “us-versus-them” rhetoric on campuses across the country, sparking contentious debates and incidents targeting specific student groups.

Seton Hall’s Holiday Dinner Program invites faculty and alumni to host international students for Thanksgiving, while WVU’s Friendsgiving event allows international student clubs to showcase their cultural heritage through food and presentations. Both initiatives aim to promote cross-cultural learning and community building.

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