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The move is poised to deepen students’ appreciation for the sacrifices and contributions Black Canadians have made to the nation’s tapestry.

Following the ‘No’ vote in Australia’s Indigenous Voice referendum, this interview with Professor Kevin Bell, a former Justice and advocate for human rights and Indigenous rights, delves into the intersection of education, public opinion, and Indigenous issues. Bell discusses the insufficient public understanding of Indigenous issues, the influence of educational institutions on referendum views, and the representation of Indigenous history in school curricula.

Universities across the US are hosting unique Thanksgiving celebrations for international students. At institutions like Ozarks Technical Community College, Loyola Marymount University, the University of Florida, the University of Delaware, and Northern Illinois University, educators and students are coming together to observe this quintessential American holiday.

The IHEC’s report shows the importance of Internationalization at Home, a concept designed to cultivate an international and intercultural academic environment domestically, as an essential component of the UK’s future higher education strategies.

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