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This stark assessment from Economist Chris Richardson comes against the backdrop of escalating housing prices and limited rental availability, exacerbating the struggles for many Australians.

India’s growing presence in international academia is not limited to the US. The country’s students have increasingly sought opportunities in other nations, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, with all three nations reporting significant upticks in Indian student numbers.

The policy’s efficacy is hampered by concerns from a significant demographic, the international students. These students’ reluctance to invoke the policy stems from the ambiguity surrounding its potential implications for their immigration status.

Funding concern: International students surpass provincial funding in Ontario colleges

The shift from public to private funding sources within Ontario’s higher education system has been unfolding for decades. Starting from a decline in public funding since the 1970s, this trend escalated during the 1990s, with a growing reliance on private funding.

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