AlmaU and NYFA ink cooperation agreement

AlmaU and NYFA ink cooperation agreement

On September 16, the Almaty Management University and the New York Film Academy formalized an educational partnership agreement in New York, as announced by Kazinform news agency.

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Almaty Management University AlmaU and New York Film Academy signed the cooperation agreement, Kazinform reports.
Signed with the support of ‘Dara’ President’s Initiatives Fund, the agreement will set the stage for interaction between two higher education institutions of Kazakhstan and the U.S. The agreement focuses on integrating efforts in training of highly skilled staff for creative majors and developing creative industry.

In his latest state of the nation address the Head of State tasks the Government to create conditions for comprehensive development of Kazakhstan’s creative economy. The President revealed that he meets a lot of talented people during his trips to the regions and it is crucial to offer them conditions to unlock their potential.

‘Dara’ President’s Initiatives Fund pays utmost attention to supporting the talented youth of Kazakhstan.

Cooperation between the Kazakhstani and American universities offers great opportunities in training of talents meeting the demands of innovative and creative economy.

The cooperation agreement was inked at the premises of the New York Film Academy by the leadership of the HEIs.

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