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Mark Kenny, a professor at the Australian Studies Institute, emphasized the importance of open dialogue.

Sexual natured customer abuse and violence were reported by 17 percent of respondents, higher than the 10.65 percent in 2021. This issue was more prevalent among female workers (19percent), especially younger females, compared to their male counterparts (9 percent).

There has been a substantial surge in demand for international education, marked by a minimum 23 percent increase in student visa applications in 2022, and the trend has continued to escalate in 2023.

During the meeting, four new partnerships were initiated between Australian and Indian universities. The discussions included plans for the Maitri Scholars Program, aimed at facilitating the exchange of Indian researchers to Australia.

The United States’ share of international students has declined from 30% to 15% currently, while other countries such as Canada, the UK, and Australia have emerged as new and competitive options for international students. This shift underscores the evolving global landscape of higher education mobility.

The levy proposal, designed to impose an export tax on international students, was put forward in the Universities Accord interim report as a way to address the need for increased funding for research and infrastructure in the sector.

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