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Saudi Arabia to add 800,000 higher education seats by 2030, focused on technology, AI: report

Mansoor Ahmed, the Director for Healthcare, Education, and PPP at Colliers International, highlighted that Saudi Arabia’s higher education sector is the largest individual education market in the Arabian Gulf region.

With a projected population of approximately 1.43 billion, experts emphasize the need for a people-centric approach to harness the potential of this vast population. Focusing on job creation, gender equity in employment, and skill development, India aims to leverage its youthful population.

Some respondents are already integrating AI tools to streamline administrative tasks, develop subject-specific resources, and deliver personalized support for learners with special educational needs and disabilities, the report showed.

The survey conducted by EdTech firm Chegg showed that only 20 percent of American students have started using generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT or OpenAI, in their academic activities. 

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2023 points to a shift towards AI, Big Data, and new technologies in the next five years. 

Educators who attended the Education Week K-12 Essentials Forum panel discussion last October 12 discussed how to navigate the complexities of learning and teaching in the time of artificial intelligence.

UpGrad Harappa introduces AI chatbot, thriveBOT

thriveBOT is designed to cater to learners in English, Hindi, and Hinglish, with a mission to elevate the educational journey of Thriversity, their online skills library.

University Living launches ‘Study Abroad Buddy’

Among its array of features are university and course shortlisting, seamless connections with future classmates, the creation of WhatsApp groups and access to AI-powered information resources

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