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One in four students said they are less likely to apply to institutions using AI for application assessment.

The collaboration between MultiversX and ULBS will allow students to take a “Blockchain and FinTech Applications” course in the second semester of their third academic year. This will give them a thorough knowledge of the MultiversX blockchain network, as well as an exploration of decentralized applications within its ecosystem.

U.K. student visa applicants now have a new option for submitting their applications and enrolling biometrics at the Premium Application Centre in Selangor. This location, along with existing free Visa Application Centres in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, provides customers with more convenient choices when it comes to applying for visas.

Purpose-built student housing shortages in the UK are driving up rental costs in the residential market, according to property experts. This comes as higher mortgage rates make buy-to-let investments less appealing to landlords.

Amid a population surge, Canada witnesses a remarkable boom in international students, bolstering the country’s education sector and economic growth. While attracting a record 807,000 study permits last year, Canada faces the challenge of effectively integrating foreign students and maximizing the benefits of international education.

Education Ministers and union leaders in England have agreed on a recommendation from the School Teachers’ Review Body of a 6.5 percent pay rise for school teachers in 2023-24 on July 13, following the rejection of the government’s earlier offer.

Madhu Regmi and Yuvraj Pokhrel, childhood beneficiaries of Maiti Nepal’s human rights support, are each pursuing an accelerated international master’s degree through UP Education, with a full scholarship. Now, the two aspire to aid Maiti Nepal’s mission of combatting human trafficking and child exploitation both in Nepal and across the globe.

The Educational Testing Service has submitted an improved version of the test to Australia’s Department of Home Affairs for assessment under the agency’s high standards for measuring English language proficiency.

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