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The genesis of this initiative traces back to December 2023 when the UGC launched a dedicated portal inviting applications for setting up FHEI campuses in India.

Sexual natured customer abuse and violence were reported by 17 percent of respondents, higher than the 10.65 percent in 2021. This issue was more prevalent among female workers (19percent), especially younger females, compared to their male counterparts (9 percent).

The IHEC’s report shows the importance of Internationalization at Home, a concept designed to cultivate an international and intercultural academic environment domestically, as an essential component of the UK’s future higher education strategies.

India’s growing presence in international academia is not limited to the US. The country’s students have increasingly sought opportunities in other nations, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, with all three nations reporting significant upticks in Indian student numbers.

The policy’s efficacy is hampered by concerns from a significant demographic, the international students. These students’ reluctance to invoke the policy stems from the ambiguity surrounding its potential implications for their immigration status.

With around 300 international students currently studying at UNK, including those in English Language Institute programs, pursuing degrees, or participating in exchange programs, the role of UNK Global in their lives is paramount.

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