Taiwan university launches international semiconductor program, expands global educational reach

Starting in 2024, NTU will open its doors to foreign students with the introduction of a novel undergraduate semiconductor program.

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National Taiwan University (NTU), one of the leading academic institutions in Asia, has announced a significant expansion of its international educational offerings. Starting in 2024, NTU will open its doors to international students with the introduction of a novel undergraduate semiconductor program.

This initiative, revealed by NTU President Wen-Chang Chen last November 13, marks a significant milestone in the university’s efforts to foster global educational collaboration and technological advancement.

During a press conference, President Chen detailed the university’s ambitious plan to establish this international program in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. He highlighted that the program aims to enroll between 50 and 60 students each year, starting from the next academic year.

A focus on the semiconductor space

This new program is poised to offer a unique and comprehensive educational experience, focusing on the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, a critical sector in today’s technology-driven economy.

In addition to this pioneering educational venture, NTU is also planning a series of high-profile academic events leading to its centennial celebration in 2028. Chen also outlined plans to host Nobel Prize laureates as guest speakers over the next five years. These distinguished guests will complement a lecture series featuring eminent business and academic personalities from both Taiwan and overseas.

These events are strategically designed to enrich the academic experience at NTU, offering students and faculty alike the opportunity to engage with leading minds across various disciplines.

Making strides in journalism

Simultaneously, NTU is making strides in the field of journalism. Chen announced the formation of a new journalism department, an extension of the university’s Graduate Institute of Journalism and its research center. This move signifies NTU’s commitment to broadening its academic repertoire and nurturing critical skills in media and communication.

The announcement from NTU comes amid a broader push by Taiwan to attract international students and professionals. The Taiwanese government has increasingly emphasized its role as a global educational hub. In July, it announced the provision of 10,000 scholarships to international students. This initiative was followed by a September announcement from the Ministry of Education, aiming to draw 320,000 international students to Taiwan by 2030.

“Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has unveiled an ambitious plan to entice 320,000 international students to the country by 2030, to retain at least 210,000 graduates within its borders after their studies,” MSM Reporter reported.

Moreover, the National Development Council underscored the importance of international talent for Taiwan’s continued development. At the inauguration of an international recruitment office in early November, the council estimated that 400,000 foreign workers would be necessary by 2030 to sustain the country’s development trajectory.

“Taiwan also needs more international talents to become an international talent gathering center. After taking stock, Taiwan will have a talent gap of 400,000 by 2030,” a National Development Council press release said.

NTU’s new semiconductor program reflects Taiwan’s strategic emphasis on technology and education as key drivers of economic growth and international collaboration. The program enhances Taiwan’s educational landscape and aligns with the country’s broader goals of attracting global talent and reinforcing its position as a leader in technological innovation.

With these concerted efforts, Taiwan is poised to play an increasingly significant role on the international stage, both in academia and in the high-tech industry.

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