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There is no indication that Canada will stop processing visas for Indian nationals, as it continues to accept new applications as it normally does. Processing times for visas for Indian nationals looking to come to Canada remain the same, with the IRCC seeking to process all 80 percent of applications within service standards regardless of nationality.

To counter the delay and ensure students have the proper care and safety they need, students are required to sign up with their country’s embassy or consulate. Heil received a call from the U.S. Embassy not long after the quake to ask whether he was injured or needed assistance.

The forecast regarding a rise in unemployment could lead the government to reduce student entry numbers and redirect potential immigrants to better job prospects in Canada, the UK, and the US, warned Abul Rizvi, an immigration expert. Many of these prospective entrants have used study visas as a way to enter the workforce.

Ho Chi Minh City is implementing a smart school model in its educational system, with a maximum classroom size of 35 students and a two-shift daily schedule for primary schools, 70 percent of secondary schools, and 80 percent of high schools.

Security issues and limited resources have hindered access to primary education in Niger, resulting in low enrollment rates and high dropout numbers. In the Tillaberi region alone, 900 schools have been closed due to insecurity as of June 2023. This has had a profound impact on achieving universal primary education.

The task force on international education has called for a coordinated effort to attract and retain foreign students. They propose that embassies create dedicated liaison offices to assist universities navigate the legal obstacles involved in establishing academic centers or satellite campuses.

Although the TOEFL is the most well-known exam, there are other exams that some universities may accept. No matter the test a student decides to take, getting ready is essential. Students can improve their English language abilities and score well on tests with the right preparation and resources.

Eighty-two percent of Indians surveyed by the Emeritus Global Workplace Skills Study 2023 expressed increased interest in online education, believing it would give them an edge in the job market and open up more career opportunities.

Inequitable admission processes for international students have been found to limit admission of many prospective international students. In particular, grades have been found to provide an imperfect indicator of student achievement and potentially lead to unfair admission decisions for international students.

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