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The findings indicated a heightened awareness of educational technology and AI-enabled learning platforms within the teaching community.

Recommendations put forth by the committee are based on evidence gathered from a diverse range of sources, including experts from various regions of Australia, educational institutions, educators, students, and migration agents. These recommendations are a reflection of the insights and perspectives shared during the inquiry.

Teachers worldwide feel undervalued: Study

According to the study’s findings, a mere 24.5 percent of teachers expressed feeling valued in society, with only 18.4 percent reporting feeling valued by the media. The perception of being valued by policymakers was even bleaker, with a mere 13.3 percent feeling valued on average.

In an innovative training program at the Steger Center for International Scholarship, 11 Virginia Tech faculty members experienced the daily life of students in Switzerland. Aimed at preparing faculty to lead international programs, the immersive workshop is part of Virginia Tech’s effort to promote inclusivity and diversify student representation in global education.

The initiative comes in response to the findings of UNESCO’s survey conducted in six African countries, which revealed that while teachers recognize the importance of educating about atrocity crimes, they often feel ill-prepared to tackle this sensitive topic in the classroom.

Japan creates a heavy workload for teachers, elementary schools typically employ a single teacher per classroom who is responsible for teaching four main subjects—Japanese, mathematics, science, and social studies—as well as other topics like ethics, physical education, calligraphy, and foreign languages.

Education International President Susan Hopgood is looking forward to welcoming delegates at this year’s ninth World Congress for a unique conference that will serve as a platform for pushing towards sustainable quality and inclusive education, with teachers and support staff at its core.

Esteemed education thought leader Professor Sarah Todd, renowned for her role as the former President of the Asia Pacific Association for International Education and Vice President – Global at Griffith University, has been appointed as the chairperson for Eduverse Summit 2023.

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