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In the first half of 2023, Nigerians became Canada’s fastest-growing international student group, experiencing a 44 percent surge in study permits issued, surpassing the total for all of 2022.

Africa's educational renaissance in top 10 cities attracting international students

This article explores ten of Africa’s emerging cities as international education destinations, highlighting their unique blend of cultural heritage and academic excellence. Topping the list is Lagos, Nigeria, a hub for business, technology, and the arts, offering diverse programs at institutions like the University of Lagos.

A recent initiative by Education Cannot Wait and the Global Survivors Fund introduces a $325,000 grant aimed at supporting the education and overall well-being of survivors of Boko Haram’s sexual violence in Nigeria. This 12-month program focuses on providing holistic educational opportunities, psychological support, and social reintegration for affected individuals, particularly women and children.

Louis Adekola, Programme Coordinator of The InterNational Education Africa Summit and Awards, emphasized the significance of practitioners and stakeholders in the international education industry in Africa gathering regularly to learn from each other, share best practices, collaborate across borders, celebrate excellence, and find inspiration for greater achievements.

Nigeria is embarking on a major educational transformation by forming strategic partnerships with the United Kingdom and the European Union. These collaborations aim to enhance access to quality higher education, address the increasing demand among Nigerian youth, and align with global educational standards.

The Nigerian government has taken steps to enhance access to and the quality of higher education. This includes opening up opportunities for foreign institutions to participate in delivering and expanding university education within the country.

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