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The initiative mirrors the successful fee-free TAFE program, aiming to address the decline in higher education enrollments amid the growing demand for skilled workers.

While the Australian National University already has a significant cohort of international students, alongside Australian students, there is a continuous effort to ensure this diversity reflects the nation, the Asia-Pacific region, and the world at large.

With a focus on intersectionality, she highlights the need to address systemic barriers and promote inclusion at all educational levels. Dr. Thomas emphasizes the importance of universal learning design and policies that support vulnerable groups, including those from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and remote areas.

ITECA urges Australian government to develop new international education strategy

Troy Williams, ITECA Chief Executive, has stated that ITECA has advised the Minister for Education about the need for the Australian Government to formulate a new international education strategy, with the recommendation taking into account the post-pandemic environment and the Australian Government’s new migration strategy.

Deakin University launches India campus

Deakin’s GIFT City Campus in India is expected to offer local students access to world-class postgraduate courses in business analytics and cybersecurity at half the cost of Australian international fees.

From student housing to digital financing solutions to virtual internships, international students now have a plethora of tech-enabled services catering to their needs, simplifying their global educational experience.

Associations like NAFSA, APAIE, and AIRC seek to proactively address the evolving needs of their members and the international education community. This includes providing resources, guidance, and support to educational institutions and professionals navigating the complexities of remote learning, travel restrictions, and changing international student dynamics.

Australia innovates workforce with new migration plan, local training programs

The country is revolutionizing its workforce strategy with two key initiatives. The first is a comprehensive Migration Strategy set to launch in 2024, aiming to address the technology sector’s skills shortage by attracting global talent, particularly in areas like AI and cybersecurity. The second is a successful pre-employment program in Berri, South Australia, focusing on the aged care sector.

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