US outperforms Australia, Canada, and UK in student satisfaction: global survey

The survey assessed seven crucial domains: Admission process, student-teacher interaction, student diversity, quality of student life, online classroom experience, and career development. It serves as a vital resource for students and education policymakers, emphasizing the importance of transparency in student satisfaction metrics.

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A new study conducted by Studyportals, UniBuddy, and the British Council IELTS revealed that the United States is leading its close competitors, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, in student satisfaction across various metrics. This comprehensive survey collected responses from 126,000 students hailing from more than 200 countries and attending institutions in 126 countries.

The survey assessed seven crucial domains: Admission process, student-teacher interaction, student diversity, quality of student life, online classroom experience, and career development. Online classroom experience saw the most significant improvement of 7.2 percent since 2021, suggesting that schools have successfully adapted to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Quality of student life also marked an uptick of 6.4 percent.

Image from: Study Portals

Performance of the ‘Big Four’

Among the “Big Four” study destinations, the United States emerged as the only country to score above the global average. It notably excelled in Admissions processing, student-teacher interaction, and career development. “The political landscape in the US is far more welcoming towards international students than in 2021,” commented Edwin van Rest, CEO of Studyportals.

Image from: Study Portals

On the other hand, Canada and Australia fell below the global average in most categories. The United Kingdom showed a mixed performance, excelling in certain areas but lagging in others, such as the admission process and student-teacher interaction. Intriguingly, Ireland, which isn’t part of the “Big Four,” outperformed the UK in all aspects except online classroom experience.

Regional observations

European universities performed exceptionally well, with the University of Navarra in Spain ranking as the top institution. Hungary also led within Europe. In regional analyses, Western Europe saw Germany outperforming France and the Netherlands, while no clear leader emerged in Northern Europe. In Asia, China surpassed India in all aspects except in career development.

Admissions: A critical factor

The survey also highlighted the importance of the admission process. With a score improvement of 4.5 percent, it is clear that a smooth admission process plays a vital role in attracting students. However, students voiced concerns about delayed decision-making, complex application procedures, and lack of transparent information regarding visa and immigration requirements.

Image from: Study Portals

The study serves as an invaluable resource for prospective students and education policymakers alike. It underscores the importance of transparently sharing student satisfaction metrics, thereby assisting students in making informed decisions about their educational journeys.

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