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This year, the reliance on international tuition revenue is increasingly pivotal for UK universities as they face the dual challenges of ongoing domestic tuition fee freezes and rising costs due to inflation, affecting both operations and program delivery.

While the Australian National University already has a significant cohort of international students, alongside Australian students, there is a continuous effort to ensure this diversity reflects the nation, the Asia-Pacific region, and the world at large.

The report highlights the increasing mobility of students within the region, with countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia leading the outbound student movement. The growth in Transnational Education (TNE), particularly in Australia and the UK, reflects the demand for global standards in education.

South Korea introduces education strategy to attract global talent

South Korea is revolutionizing its education system with the “Study Korea 300K Project” aimed at attracting 300,000 international students by 2027, focusing on collaboration between universities, local governments, and businesses. This initiative, part of a larger effort to enhance the country’s competitiveness in high-tech industries, includes increasing scholarships, particularly in STEM fields, and simplifying residency processes for international graduates.

Wisconsin's universities aim to double international student enrollment

This move aims to enrich educational experiences and foster a diverse academic environment, particularly in the wake of enrollment declines due to the pandemic. The strategy involves partnerships with firms like Shorelight for broader student recruitment, focusing on fields like engineering and health sciences to address workforce shortages.

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