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At McGill, 30% of net tuition revenue, amounting to about $46 million annually, is allocated to scholarships and student aid, with half of this amount sourced from international student tuition.

With a £118 million funding package, the government aims to bolster academic research, attract international talent, and improve healthcare and productivity. Initiatives include new Centers for Doctoral Training, a visa scheme for early-career researchers, and AI technologies in NHS trusts.

The US Department of State expands its Welcome Corps program, allowing US universities to sponsor refugees. The move aims to alleviate visa challenges for prospective students living in refugee camps, enabling them to enroll in US colleges. The initiative is set to launch in the fall of 2024 with students from Kenya and Jordan as its first beneficiaries.

The sudden and substantial drop in enrollment has left many questioning the reasons behind this decline, especially in an educational sector that has been experiencing steady growth. If the university fails to recover its enrollment numbers promptly, the financial crisis could escalate further.

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