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The United States Embassy in New Delhi and its consulates in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai achieved an unprecedented milestone by processing 1.4 million visas in 2023.


Officially closing on January 25, 2024 at an undisclosed deal amount, the acquisition is said to create “a robust end-to-end suite of products and services” in workforce skills testing and development. ETS and PSI say they jointly deliver nearly 50 million tests annually across more than 200 countries around the world to serve governments, institutions, and industry.

Rowan, known for his substantial financial contributions to UPenn and his supposed influence on the university’s governance, recently played a pivotal role in the removal of former UPenn President Liz Magill and board chair Scott Bok.

Iowa universities see international student surge amid legal challenges

This growth, highlighted by the rise in students from regions like India, Southeast Asia, and Africa, is enhancing the universities’ global standing and campus diversity. Concurrently, Western Iowa Tech Community College faces a legal battle over human trafficking allegations, with former students from Chile and Brazil seeking remote depositions in a contentious lawsuit.

Experts across various countries and destination markets for students agree that it’s high time to set further standards and revisit the industry’s professional engagement with agents and counselors in the best interest of international students and their families. 

From student housing to digital financing solutions to virtual internships, international students now have a plethora of tech-enabled services catering to their needs, simplifying their global educational experience.

Associations like NAFSA, APAIE, and AIRC seek to proactively address the evolving needs of their members and the international education community. This includes providing resources, guidance, and support to educational institutions and professionals navigating the complexities of remote learning, travel restrictions, and changing international student dynamics.

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