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CHED has collaborated with Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Samar State University, and University of Southern Mindanao to conduct a comprehensive study focusing on the equity dimension of admissions and retention in select SUCs across different regions in the Philippines.

The initiative, part of the wider Belt and Road Initiative, began in 2023 at Jiuquan Vocational and Technical College. It aims to train 18 Filipino students in new energy engineering, preparing them to drive the Philippines’ energy transition. Despite challenges like language barriers and funding constraints, the program offers practical training in renewable energy and cultural immersion.

Philippines allocates budget to bolster mental health programs in schools amid rising concerns

The Philippines has committed PHP 210 million (USD 3.79 million) to enhance mental health programs in schools, spearheaded by the Department of Education and advocated by Senator Win Gatchalian. This funding increase, initially proposed at PHP 160 million (USD 2.88 million), addresses the growing mental health crisis in educational institutions, highlighted by alarming suicide and suicide attempt statistics among students.

Philippine lawmakers initiate urgent educational reforms in response to global assessment concerns

Initiatives like extensive language programs, curriculum revisions, AI training, and international collaborations aim to prepare Filipino students for global competitiveness, aligning with the country’s socio-economic transformation goals. These reforms are a strategic response to the challenges highlighted by the global assessment and seek to uplift the overall standard of education in the Philippines.

Filipino students, particularly interested in programs related to business management, health, information technology, analytics, hospitality, tourism, and engineering, are choosing destinations like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Ireland.

The agreement strengthens US-Philippines collaboration on policy research, capacity building, and technical assistance to enhance the Philippine education sector, aligning with EDCOM II’s goals for assessment and reform recommendations.

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