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The newest Global Schools Foundation school in Japan, One World International School Osaka is bringing the International Baccalaureate curriculum and skill-based activities in art, sports, music, and language. The new school is also set to partner with Ikuno Ward, a step that they hope will help reinvigorate the local economy.

Japan’s Immigration Services Agency plans to revise its guidelines to improve job opportunities for foreign vocational school graduates, putting them on an equal footing with university degree holders. This move aligns with the government’s goal to increase the domestic employment rate of foreign graduates to 60 percent by 2033.

Japan creates a heavy workload for teachers, elementary schools typically employ a single teacher per classroom who is responsible for teaching four main subjects—Japanese, mathematics, science, and social studies—as well as other topics like ethics, physical education, calligraphy, and foreign languages.

Following the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, studying abroad has regained popularity among Japanese youth. However, challenges persist, including the financial burden of studying overseas and the difficulty of balancing this experience with preparation for university entrance examinations in Japan.

Advancements in transportation and the increasing connectivity between nations have provided individuals with greater access to educational opportunities beyond their borders. The report emphasizes that this enhanced accessibility, combined with the ease of international trade, has created a conducive environment for the expansion of educational tourism.

With the government’s focus on international student recruitment, DISCO sought an international payment partner to streamline the payment process for application and enrollment fees. It aimed to provide students with more payment options and reduce manual reconciliation for administrators.

The newly launched Science and Exploration Bilateral Programme aims to encourage science collaborations between UK institutions and their international counterparts. This program aims to advance space research and contribute to resolving global problems.

The 1974 Recommendation, which was adopted almost 50 years ago, holds significance as the first international legal document that acknowledges and emphasizes the role of education in fostering peace, human rights, and understanding.

At a press conference in Hiroshima following the G7 summit meeting, Sunak said he was considering an action plan that would be announced soon, but he declined to discuss specific details.

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