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The alert comes amid a comprehensive national security initiative undertaken by Chinese authorities.

The initiative, part of the wider Belt and Road Initiative, began in 2023 at Jiuquan Vocational and Technical College. It aims to train 18 Filipino students in new energy engineering, preparing them to drive the Philippines’ energy transition. Despite challenges like language barriers and funding constraints, the program offers practical training in renewable energy and cultural immersion.

The 2023 Belt and Road International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Shenzhen, China, celebrated its fifth anniversary, emphasizing the significance of TVET in global development. With over 2,000 delegates, the conference highlighted the role of TVET in fostering economic and social advancement under the Belt and Road Initiative.

British schools in China confront challenges amid patriotic education law

Recent changes in Chinese educational policies, specifically the introduction of a “patriotic” education law, have greatly affected British private schools operating in China. This law, mandating patriotic elements in all subjects, has led to significant transformations, including the closure of some schools like Dulwich College International’s preschool in Shenzhen, and adaptations in others such as Harrow Beijing.

The analysis covers the evolving preferences and challenges faced by these students, including their subject and regional choices within the UK, and the adjustments required in a new cultural and academic environment. The report also provides insights into the future plans of Chinese students post-graduation, underscoring the ongoing ties between the UK and China in the educational sector.

The China Education Association for International Exchange and the Institute of International Education in the United States have recently pledged to rejuvenate their academic collaboration. This marks a significant step in improving the strained relations between China and the US. 

The China-US Higher Education Dialogue, held in New York in September, reiterated the importance of cooperation in the field of higher education and regarded educational ties as a significant pillar in the China-US bilateral relationship.

This development marks the first instance of a UNESCO Category 1 Institute for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics being located in China.

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