US student enrollments drop as Canada’s institutions gain traction: report

The US is facing a significant decline in international student enrollments, attributed to its restrictive immigration policies. In contrast, Canadian universities are experiencing a surge in applications, especially from Indian students amid more liberal immigration and work policies.

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The United States, long recognized as a global educational powerhouse, is grappling with a decline in international student enrollment, according to immigration company Boundless. Policy analysts and educators are now pointing to restrictive U.S. immigration policies as a significant factor for this dip.

With the H1B visa program’s limitations in the US, it has become challenging for many international students to find a reliable pathway to employment post-graduation.

In stark contrast, Canadian colleges and universities are witnessing a surge in popularity, particularly among Indian students. Reports indicate a whopping 48-percent increase in enrollment primarily from India according to This is attributed to Canada’s favorable immigration rules that facilitate a smoother transition from student status to work status.

Further disadvantageous to the US, there has been a noticeable dip in the number of Chinese students. Historically, Chinese students formed a significant portion of international enrollments in the country.

The preference for Canada isn’t purely academic. The country’s liberalized immigration policies provide a strong allure for international students. In contrast, the high visa denial rate by the US is further dissuading potential international applicants.

Indian American Congressman Shri Thanedar has voiced concerns about the existing state of America’s immigration system. The recent visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also reignited discussions about renewing facilities for Indian professionals’ work visas within the US and has led to urgent calls for comprehensive immigration reform.

To address this trend, experts recommend measures such as increasing transparency for students who are denied visas. Only through decisive steps can the US hope to reclaim its position as a favored educational destination for international students.

In other immigration news, a group of migrants has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over its asylum app, while New York City Mayor Eric Adams has sought increased federal funding to assist with the rising number of migrants in the city. Meanwhile, Canada’s new work permit program for H-1B visa holders has been met with overwhelming demand, reaching its application cap within just two days.

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