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University review platform raises over £2.5 million in funding, aims to become the 'Tripadvisor of Higher Education'

StudentCrowd, a platform that aims to become the “Tripadvisor of higher education,” currently offers comprehensive information about universities, courses, and accommodations, utilizing reviews from current students to build its own rankings.

University leaders propose higher education reforms ahead of UK general election

Three influential vice-chancellors in England have laid out their visions for the future of higher education in a new report released by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), covering topics like research, skills development, and student living costs to guide policymakers and spark discussions ahead of the 2024 general election.

Four million students engaged in skills training across Australia are choosing independent training providers to pursue their education – prompting one interest group to call for the overhaul of the Australian Government’s approach to skills training.

During the specified period, a total of 24,722 Nigerians were granted sponsored study visas. Experts attribute this surge in interest among Nigerian students to factors such as the country’s intellectual potential, cost-effective workforce, substantial working population, significant diaspora remittances and the UK’s altered immigration landscape following its departure from the European Union.

One of the key initiatives that emerged from the meeting was the commitment to provide comprehensive support to Emirati students pursuing higher education in Egyptian universities. The step underscores the value both nations place on educational diplomacy and showcases their dedication to fostering the academic success and well-being of students from the UAE.

Nigerian students in the UK were reminded of the importance of building communities during a meeting in Great Manchester, United Kingdom. In his speech, the ambassador also reassured students and professionals that resolutions are being made to the impending restrictions among international students on bringing dependent relations to the UK.

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