International students integral to creating charger spirit on campus

This fall, the University of New Haven once again welcomed a large group of international students from various corners of the world. Contributing to Charger Nation, the new international group of learners displayed great enthusiasm for learning academically and upskilling professionally throughout the first and second week of classes by being part of the many social and academic activities.

Besides being present in the general events, the new international students also share a valuable interest, expressing their willingness to be part of a number of recognized student organizations (RSOs) on campus. The new Chargers marched their way into the University for their desired courses, and they demonstrated their belief in the power of networking, interacting, and expanding their circles with other students from different parts of the globe. They’ve shown their willingness to adapt to newer cultures and to dive deep into understanding a multicultural student environment.

Expressing a desirable interest in learning more, Christopher Sesay ’25 MPH, a first-semester candidate in the Master of Public Health program, shares that he is having a very enjoyable time at the University of New Haven. He is an international student who left his home country in Africa to pursue higher education in the United States. He shares how he made diverse friends within the initial weeks and has been learning a great deal in his healthcare leadership classes.

“The University and its social cultures are unique,” he said. “There are many groups and clubs to get into, making networking easy. I intend to enhance my communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills throughout my time at the University.

“This semester, my goals are to excel in my marketing courses, actively participate in student organizations, and maintain a healthy work-life balance,” continues Sesay. “I plan to accomplish all this by staying organized, managing my time effectively, seeking help, and staying motivated. I also aim to network with professionals in the field and gain practical experience through internships or part-time jobs.”

‘Everyone I have met so far has been friendly’
Sharing a similar approach, Sakshi Goenka ’23 M.A., a candidate in the Industrial/ Organizational Psychology graduate program from India, believes that the University’s students and faculty are warm, supportive, and energetic. Throughout her time so far, Goenka came across various opportunities to mingle in fun activities and to enlarge her friend circle.

“I am convinced that my time at the University will bolster my interpersonal abilities and inspire a great sense of autonomy and motivation within me,” said Goenka. “This term, I’m keen on delving deeper into understanding professional networking, orienting myself toward the industry, and identifying ways to develop my technical skills further.”

Emphasizing more about the cultural diversity at the University, another incoming international student from Africa, Paul Kevin Hamenu ’25, M.S., a candidate in the master’s program in Cybersecurity and Networks, believes his experience has been enjoyable. He expressed his impression behind seeing his classmates’ commitment to learning and how he interacted with welcoming staff members.

“Everyone I have met so far has been very interactive, cool, and friendly,” he said. “I was pleased to see and be part of the several events that took place throughout the past two weeks that delved deep into the integration of understanding diverse cultures, communities, and people from various places.”

Hamenu also expressed an interest in volunteering, showcasing his willingness to participate in as many events as possible. He is enthusiastic about excelling more in cybersecurity.

“Along with maintaining a fulfilling academic background, I aspire to learn all about society and understand how things are done here in this country,” he said. “I believe that education is not all about the grades but every activity, failure, and success story that follows after.”

‘Exactly what I was looking for’
Sharyu Harbade ’23 MPH, who joins Charger Nation from India, is ecstatic about the University’s warm and welcoming environment. She believes that at the University, she feels at home and is open to exploring more regarding social and academic cultures, backgrounds, and learning. Harbade’s experience with student organizations has been very positive, and she is willing to participate in as many events as she can throughout her time at the University.

“As much as I am willing to focus on my academics, I sincerely believe that it is essential to partake in student events to make my academic lifestyle here in the United States valuable and worthwhile,” she said. “Therefore, I look forward to participating, organizing events, and being proactive on campus. More so, I am open to interacting with new and returning students at the University and meeting professionals from various departments who will help me acquire a strong understanding and ways to execute plans that will support my academic and professional goals.”

David Adeyemo ’25 M.S., from African is pursuing a master’s degree in cellular and molecular biology. He believes the University’s culture to be very enriching and enlightening. Despite being in the States for only a month so far, Adeyemo says his transition from his home country has been smooth, and he thanks the University’s welcoming culture for that.

“The academic rigor at the University of New Haven is challenging, which is exactly what I was looking for,” he said. “Besides this, I am also pleased and thankful for the various student-centric organizations, which are ever-ready to provide any assistance when required. As an international student, I am still adjusting and adapting to other cultures, but I am happy to have learned everything I have so far.

“I also feel that the University’s social culture is extremely vibrant and engaging, which has eased the cultural blend,” continued Adeyemo “I am glad to have found some like-minded people on campus eager to learn and maintain meaningful relationships with. I am excited about my journey at the University and am willing to learn more about a multicultural educational background by volunteering and participating in socio-cultural events and activities. Along with being present for the student activities on campus, I also aspire to focus and balance my academics and engage as much as possible in educational workshops, clubs, and programs.”

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